Green Company

At Green Company, we embark on a transformative journey to redefine corporate responsibility. Our mission is to lead the charge in sustainable practices, innovating for a greener future. Through eco-conscious initiatives, we strive to not only minimize our environmental footprint but also inspire positive change industry-wide. Committed to fostering a harmonious balance between business and the planet, Green Company aims to set new standards, demonstrating that economic success and environmental stewardship can coexist for the well-being of our world and future generations.


Trees planted

A single tree absorbs approximately 45 kilograms of CO2 during its lifetime.


Kg CO2e neutralized

Through Gold Standard-certified projects, such as supporting renewable energy.

Supported climate projects

Building Solar Power In Bhadla

This solar project exports electricity via the INDIAN grid, diversifying a fossil-fuel-dominated system. The plant's construction cuts 694,471 tCO2e annually, equivalent to replacing 732,874 MWh of electricity with renewables.

Reforestation in Kenya

Supporting Kenya's leading reforestation group, we contribute to their 45 projects, safeguarding water sources, revitalizing habitats, stabilizing slopes, and securing livelihoods for sustainable impact.

Wind Farm in South Sulawesi

This project substitutes fossil fuel facilities with 75 MW of green, renewable energy, significantly reducing air pollution and cutting CO2 emissions.

Restoring mangroves in Haiti

Our partners collaborate with community leaders, planting and protecting indigenous trees in Haiti's south. We fund mangrove restoration, crucial for carbon capture, storm protection, fish nurseries, and water purification.

Reforestation in Mozambique

Our on-ground partners plant indigenous trees at 62 sites in Mozambique, aiding reforestation for environmental protection, enhanced fishing, carbon removal, and biodiversity.

Reforestation in Nepal

Collaborating with Chitwan National Park and local leaders, this project contributes by planting over 400,000 seedlings in community-owned forests across Nawalparasi, Terai Region, and Chitwan National Park, fostering diverse ecosystems.

Supported Sustainable Development Goals

The UNĀ outlined 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), promoting global collaboration to address poverty, improve health, education, reduce inequality, spur economic growth, and combat climate change while preserving oceans and forests.
UN SDG 7: Renewable energyUN SDG 8: Decent work and economic growthUN SDG 13: Climate action

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