Reforestation in Kenya

Located on the east coast of Africa, Kenya is a country known for its diversity of wildlife and the vast array of different types of forests that have long supported its communities. However, over the past few decades, these forests have been subject to extreme environmental degradation. Human activities such as logging, charcoal burning, and illegal clearing for agricultural land are significant causes of deforestation. This has led to an increase in severe drought periods and extreme poverty. As a result, Kenya has committed to reforesting, with a particular focus on achieving a 10% forest cover, and our local partners are working closely with the government to help fulfill these commitments.

We support the largest and most effective reforestation organization in Kenya. With 45 project areas across the country, they restore, with our support, a sustainable water supply by protecting and replanting around springs and rivers, restoring vital wildlife habitats, stabilizing steep slopes that are prone to landslides, and securing livelihoods.

Tree planting in Kenya provides income-generating work for those living in extreme poverty, as well as contributes to the restoration of habitats that are vital for food and cultural heritage.

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